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# must be the same as the value for the same variable in
# $GL_PACKAGE_CONF/example.gitolite.rc. Sorry about the catch-22 :)
# TODO need to fix for portability to ksh and so on
# TODO need to get the version in there somehow
# This program is meant to be completely non-interactive, suitable for running
# server-side from a "post RPM/DEB install" script, or manually by users.
# Please see the doc/0-user-setup.mkd for details.
# usage:
# $0 []
# The pubkey filename must end with ".pub" and is mandatory when you first run
# this command. Otherwise it is optional, and can be used to override a
# pubkey file if you happen to have lost all gitolite-access to the repos (but
# do have shell access via some other means)
die() { echo "$@"; exit 1; }
if [ -n "$pubkey_file" ]
echo $pubkey_file | grep '.pub$' >/dev/null || die "$pubkey_file must end in .pub"
[ -f $pubkey_file ] || die "cant find $pubkey_file"
admin_name=` basename $pubkey_file .pub`
if [ -f $HOME/.gitolite.rc ]
perl -ne 's/^\s+//; s/[\s=].*//; print if /^\$/;' < $GL_PACKAGE_CONF/example.gitolite.rc | sort > .newvars
perl -ne 's/^\s+//; s/[\s=].*//; print if /^\$/;' < $HOME/.gitolite.rc | sort > .oldvars
comm -23 .newvars .oldvars > .diffvars
if [ -s .diffvars ]
cp $GL_PACKAGE_CONF/example.gitolite.rc $HOME/
echo new version of the rc file saved in $HOME/
echo please update $HOME/.gitolite.rc manually if you need features
echo controlled by any of the following variables:
echo ----
sed -e 's/^/ /' < .diffvars
echo ----
rm -f .newvars .oldvars .diffvars
[ -n "$pubkey_file" ] || die "looks like first run -- I need a pubkey file"
cp $GL_PACKAGE_CONF/example.gitolite.rc $HOME/.gitolite.rc
# setup ssh stuff. We break our normal rule that we will not fiddle with
# authkeys etc., because in this case it seems appropriate
mkdir -p .ssh
touch .ssh/authorized_keys
chmod go-w . .ssh .ssh/authorized_keys
# now we get to gitolite itself
gl-install -q
GL_ADMINDIR=` cd;perl -e 'do ".gitolite.rc"; print $GL_ADMINDIR'`
REPO_BASE=` cd;perl -e 'do ".gitolite.rc"; print $REPO_BASE' `
[ -f $GL_ADMINDIR/conf/gitolite.conf ] || {
cat <<EOF > $GL_ADMINDIR/conf/gitolite.conf
repo gitolite-admin
RW+ = $admin_name
repo testing
RW+ = @all
[ -n "$pubkey_file" ] && cp $pubkey_file $GL_ADMINDIR/keydir
touch $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys
gl-compile-conf -q
# setup push-to-admin
cd; cd $REPO_BASE/gitolite-admin.git
GIT_WORK_TREE=$GL_ADMINDIR git add conf/gitolite.conf keydir
GIT_WORK_TREE=$GL_ADMINDIR git diff --cached --quiet 2>/dev/null || GIT_WORK_TREE=$GL_ADMINDIR git commit -am start
cd $od
# now that the admin repo is created, you have to set the hooks properly; best
# do it by running install again
gl-install -q
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