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easy install: minor improvement in detection of password-less auth

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commit 030b3f29ef2f8f44d3a402e91315bc48c3461cb4 1 parent 55ccb82
Sitaram Chamarty authored
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2  src/
@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@ ls src/gl-auth-command \
# is, running "ssh git@server" should log in straight away, without asking for
# a password
-ssh -p $port -o PasswordAuthentication=no $user@$host pwd >/dev/null ||
+ssh -p $port -o PasswordAuthentication=no $user@$host true ||
die "pubkey access didn't work; please set it up using 'ssh-copy-id' or something"
# MANUAL: make sure there's no "gitolite-admin" directory in $HOME (actually

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