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easy install: allow ports other than 22 for ssh to server

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Sitaram Chamarty
Sitaram Chamarty committed Oct 11, 2009
1 parent d78bbe8 commit 0b81bfd6ec798adcd889d41087bdd1822f0f68d4
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@@ -26,9 +26,10 @@ prompt() {
usage() {
cat <<EOFU
-Usage: $0 user host admin_name
+Usage: $0 user host port admin_name
- "user" is the username on the server where you will be installing gitolite
- "host" is that server's hostname (or IP address is also fine)
+ - "port" is optional
- "admin_name" is *your* name as you want it to appear in the eventual
gitolite config file
@@ -61,19 +62,25 @@ EOFU
exit 1;
-[[ -z $1 ]] && usage
[[ -z $3 ]] && usage
+# but if the 3rd arg is a number, that's a port number, and the 4th arg is the
+# admin_name
+[[ $3 =~ ^[0-9]+$ ]] && {
+ port=$3
+ [[ -z $4 ]] && usage
+ admin_name=$4
-[[ "$1" =~ [^a-zA-Z0-9._-] ]] && die "user '$1' invalid"
-[[ "$3" =~ [^a-zA-Z0-9._-] ]] && die "admin_name '$3' invalid"
+[[ "$user" =~ [^a-zA-Z0-9._-] ]] && die "user '$user' invalid"
+[[ "$admin_name" =~ [^a-zA-Z0-9._-] ]] && die "admin_name '$admin_name' invalid"
# MANUAL: (info) we'll use "git" as the user, "server" as the host, and
# "sitaram" as the admin_name in example commands shown below, if any
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
# basic sanity checks
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
@@ -93,7 +100,7 @@ ls src/gl-auth-command \
# is, running "ssh git@server" should log in straight away, without asking for
# a password
-ssh -o PasswordAuthentication=no $user@$host pwd >/dev/null ||
+ssh -p $port -o PasswordAuthentication=no $user@$host pwd >/dev/null ||
die "pubkey access didn't work; please set it up using 'ssh-copy-id' or something"
# MANUAL: make sure there's no "gitolite-admin" directory in $HOME (actually
@@ -152,14 +159,16 @@ fi
# The lines to be included look like this:
# host gitolite
-# hostname server
# user git
+# hostname server
+# port 22
# identityfile ~/.ssh/sitaram
echo "
host gitolite
- hostname $host
user $user
+ hostname $host
+ port $port
identityfile ~/.ssh/$admin_name" > $HOME/.ssh/.gl-stanza
if grep 'host *gitolite' $HOME/.ssh/config &>/dev/null
@@ -191,8 +200,8 @@ rm $HOME/.ssh/.gl-stanza
# server, to a directory called (for example) "gitolite-install". You may
# have to create the directory first.
-ssh $user@$host mkdir -p gitolite-install
-rsync -a src conf doc $user@$host:gitolite-install/
+ssh -p $port $user@$host mkdir -p gitolite-install
+rsync -e "ssh -p $port" -a src conf doc $user@$host:gitolite-install/
# MANUAL: now log on to the server (ssh git@server) and get a command line.
# This step is for your convenience; the script does it all from the client
@@ -219,20 +228,20 @@ that all the paths etc. represent paths on the server!"
${VISUAL:-${EDITOR:-vi}} .gitolite.rc
# copy the rc across
-scp .gitolite.rc $user@$host:
+scp -P $port .gitolite.rc $user@$host:
prompt "ignore any 'please edit this file' or 'run this command' type
lines in the next set of command outputs coming up. They're only
relevant for a manual install, not this one..."
# extract the GL_ADMINDIR and REPO_BASE locations
-GL_ADMINDIR=$(ssh $user@$host "perl -e 'do \".gitolite.rc\"; print \$GL_ADMINDIR'")
-REPO_BASE=$( ssh $user@$host "perl -e 'do \".gitolite.rc\"; print \$REPO_BASE'")
+GL_ADMINDIR=$(ssh -p $port $user@$host "perl -e 'do \".gitolite.rc\"; print \$GL_ADMINDIR'")
+REPO_BASE=$( ssh -p $port $user@$host "perl -e 'do \".gitolite.rc\"; print \$REPO_BASE'")
# MANUAL: still in the "gitolite-install" directory? Good. Run
# "src/"
-ssh $user@$host "cd gitolite-install; src/"
+ssh -p $port $user@$host "cd gitolite-install; src/"
# MANUAL: setup the initial config file. Edit $GL_ADMINDIR/conf/gitolite.conf
# and add at least the following lines to it:
@@ -252,13 +261,13 @@ repo testing
" > gitolite.conf
# send the config and the key to the remote
-scp gitolite.conf $user@$host:$GL_ADMINDIR/conf/
+scp -P $port gitolite.conf $user@$host:$GL_ADMINDIR/conf/
-scp $HOME/.ssh/$ $user@$host:$GL_ADMINDIR/keydir
+scp -P $port $HOME/.ssh/$ $user@$host:$GL_ADMINDIR/keydir
# MANUAL: cd to $GL_ADMINDIR and run "src/gl-compile-conf"
-ssh $user@$host "cd $GL_ADMINDIR; src/gl-compile-conf"
+ssh -p $port $user@$host "cd $GL_ADMINDIR; src/gl-compile-conf"
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
# hey lets go the whole hog on this; setup push-to-admin!
@@ -278,13 +287,13 @@ ssh $user@$host "cd $GL_ADMINDIR; src/gl-compile-conf"
echo "cd $REPO_BASE/gitolite-admin.git
GIT_WORK_TREE=$GL_ADMINDIR git add conf/gitolite.conf keydir
GIT_WORK_TREE=$GL_ADMINDIR git commit -am start
-" | ssh $user@$host
+" | ssh -p $port $user@$host
# MANUAL: now that the admin repo is created, you have to set the hooks
# properly. The install program does this. So cd back to the
# "gitolite-install" directory and run "src/"
-ssh $user@$host "cd gitolite-install; src/"
+ssh -p $port $user@$host "cd gitolite-install; src/"
prompt "now we will clone the gitolite-admin repo to your workstation
and see if it all hangs together. We'll do this in your \$HOME for now,

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