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@@ -2,6 +2,24 @@ Major changes to gitolite, master branch only, most recent first, no dates but
the tags can help you position stuff approximately
[NYD = not yet documented due to lack of time...]
+ - v2.2, gpg signed :-)
+ - major change to the online rendered docs to make them more readable
+ - (lots of nice documentation additions: gitolite in pictures, "user"
+ manual, gitolite.conf by example, ...)
+ - (minor backward compat breakage) if you're using svn or rsync support.
+ You can still use them but they work differently now.
+ - git-annex support via unrestricted ADC (i.e., whose arguments are NOT
+ checked by gitolite)
+ - eliminated almost all hardcoding in test suite. This helped create a
+ "playing with gitolite" mode for "try before install" scenarios.
+ - deny rules for the first level access check!
- v2.1
- 'symbolic-ref' ADC replaces and obsoletes 'set-head'
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