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easy install: change ssh-agent detection

use ssh-add -l instead of $SSH_AGENT_PID to decide if agent is running
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1 parent d125488 commit 55ccb8291b36e7a03e3856d4c4c686815268c039 Sitaram Chamarty committed Oct 13, 2009
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@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@ fi
# called SSH_AGENT_PID in your "env"), you should add this new key. The
# command is "ssh-add ~/.ssh/sitaram"
-if [[ -n $SSH_AGENT_PID ]]
+if ssh-add -l &>/dev/null
prompt "you're running ssh-agent. We'll try and do an ssh-add of the
private key we just created, otherwise this key won't get picked up. If

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