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new 'list-dangling-repos' command

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@sitaramc authored
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47 src/commands/list-dangling-repos
@@ -0,0 +1,47 @@
+use strict;
+use warnings;
+use lib $ENV{GL_LIBDIR};
+use Gitolite::Common;
+=for usage
+Usage: gitolite list-dangling-repos
+List all existing repos that no one can access remotely any more. They could
+be normal repos that were taken out of "repo" statements in the conf file, or
+wildcard repos whose matching "wild" pattern was taken out or changed so it no
+longer matches.
+usage() if @ARGV and $ARGV[0] eq '-h';
+# get the two lists we need. %repos is the list of repos in "repo" statements
+# in the conf file. %phy_repos is the list of actual repos on disk. Our job
+# is to cull %phy_repos of all keys that have a matching key in %repos, where
+# "matching" means "string equal" or "regex match".
+my %repos = map { chomp; $_ => 1 } `gitolite list-repos`;
+my %phy_repos = map { chomp; $_ => 1 } `gitolite list-phy-repos`;
+# Remove exact matches. But for repo names like "gtk+", you could have
+# collapsed this into the next step (the regex match).
+for my $pr (keys %phy_repos) {
+ next unless exists $repos{$pr};
+ delete $repos{$pr};
+ delete $phy_repos{$pr};
+# Remove regex matches.
+for my $pr (keys %phy_repos) {
+ my $matched = 0;
+ for my $r (keys %repos) {
+ if ($pr =~ /^$r$/) {
+ $matched = 1;
+ next;
+ }
+ }
+ delete $phy_repos{$pr} if $matched;
+# what's left in %phy_repos are dangling repos.
+print join("\n", sort keys %phy_repos), "\n";
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