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P-T-A doc: add note about switching back and forth

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@@ -12,17 +12,24 @@ people new to git, or ssh or (worse) both.
However, ***if*** you know git and ssh really, *really*, well and you know
what you're doing, this is a pretty nice thing to have -- does make life
-easier, I admit.
+easier, I admit. So, here is how to make PTA (hey nice acronym, just missing
+an "I") work on gitolite as well.
-So, here is how to make PTA (hey nice acronym, just missing an "I") work on
-gitolite as well. But remember, there is NO SUPPORT! Go away. Leave me
-alone... Anything else on gitolite I will help but not this, ok? :-)
+ * unlike the rest of gitolite, I can't help you with this unless you
+ convince me very quickly it's not a layer 8 problem :-)
+ * here's a test to see if you should use this feature: after reading this
+ document, think about how you would switch back and forth between the
+ normal method and push-to-admin. If you can't immediately see what you
+ would need to do, please don't use it :-)
The instructions are presented as shell commands; they should be fairly
obvious. All paths are from the default `~/.gitolite.rc`; if you changed any,
make the same changes below.
-> ----
> **WARNING**: the "compilation" runs via a `post-update` hook. Which, by
> definition, runs *after* the push has successfully completed. As a

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