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compile: special-case 'gitweb' and 'daemon' from the linting

not a big deal since there's a very simple and obvious workaround -- create a
new keypair, throw away the private key, and use the pubkey
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1 parent 1b9969f commit c15c75749bb0b2b4ae8752dd7cc4559aa687b2af Sitaram Chamarty committed Oct 3, 2009
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2 src/gl-compile-conf
@@ -339,7 +339,7 @@ for my $pubkey (glob("*"))
# lint check 3; a little more severe than the first two I guess...
for my $user (sort keys %user_list)
- next if $user eq '@all' or $user_list{$user} eq 'has pubkey';
+ next if $user =~ /^(gitweb|daemon|\@all)$/ or $user_list{$user} eq 'has pubkey';
print STDERR "$ATTN user $user in config, but has no pubkey!\n";

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