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easy install: one step toward idempotency...

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1 parent 9e46920 commit fc36050972ce406e28024709e2deb98d32296675 Sitaram Chamarty committed Oct 12, 2009
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26 src/
@@ -124,7 +124,6 @@ ssh -p $port -o PasswordAuthentication=no $user@$host pwd >/dev/null ||
# line). For example, "ssh-keygen -t rsa ~/.ssh/sitaram"; this would create
# two files in ~/.ssh (sitaram and
-[[ -f $HOME/.ssh/$ ]] && die "pubkey $HOME/.ssh/$ exists; can't proceed"
prompt "the next command will create a new keypair for your gitolite access
The pubkey will be $HOME/.ssh/$ You will have to
@@ -141,7 +140,13 @@ prompt "the next command will create a new keypair for your gitolite access
This makes using passphrases very convenient."
-ssh-keygen -t rsa -f $HOME/.ssh/$admin_name || die "ssh-keygen failed for some reason..."
+if [[ -f $HOME/.ssh/$ ]]
+ prompt "Hmmm... pubkey $HOME/.ssh/$ exists; should I just re-use it?
+ Be sure you remember the passphrase, if you gave one when you created it!"
+ ssh-keygen -t rsa -f $HOME/.ssh/$admin_name || die "ssh-keygen failed for some reason..."
# MANUAL: copy the pubkey created to the server, say to /tmp. This would be
# "scp ~/.ssh/ git@server:/tmp" (the script does this at a later
@@ -185,7 +190,7 @@ if grep 'host *gitolite' $HOME/.ssh/config &>/dev/null
prompt "your \$HOME/.ssh/config already has settings for gitolite. I will
assume they're correct, but if they're not, please edit that file, delete
- that paragraph (that line and the following few lines), and rerun.
+ that paragraph (that line and the following few lines), Ctrl-C, and rerun.
In case you want to check right now (from another terminal) if they're
correct, here's what they are *supposed* to look like:
@@ -222,10 +227,6 @@ rsync -e "ssh -p $port" -a src conf doc $user@$host:gitolite-install/
# change any paths. Make a note of the GL_ADMINDIR and REPO_BASE paths; you
# will need them later
-# give the user an opportunity to change the rc
-cp conf/example.gitolite.rc .gitolite.rc
- # hey here it means "release candidate" ;-)
prompt "the gitolite rc file needs to be edited by hand. The defaults
are sensible, so if you wish, you can just exit the editor.
@@ -235,6 +236,15 @@ understand what is what -- the rc file's documentation is inline.
Please remember this file will actually be copied to the server, and
that all the paths etc. represent paths on the server!"
+# lets try and get the file from there first
+if scp -P $port $user@$host:.gitolite.rc .
+ prompt "Oh hey... you already had a '.gitolite.rc' file on the server. I'll use
+ that instead of the default one..."
+ cp conf/example.gitolite.rc .gitolite.rc
${VISUAL:-${EDITOR:-vi}} .gitolite.rc
# copy the rc across
@@ -296,7 +306,7 @@ ssh -p $port $user@$host "cd $GL_ADMINDIR; src/gl-compile-conf"
echo "cd $REPO_BASE/gitolite-admin.git
GIT_WORK_TREE=$GL_ADMINDIR git add conf/gitolite.conf keydir
-GIT_WORK_TREE=$GL_ADMINDIR git commit -am start
+GIT_WORK_TREE=$GL_ADMINDIR git commit -am start --allow-empty
" | ssh -p $port $user@$host
# MANUAL: now that the admin repo is created, you have to set the hooks

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