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Commits on Oct 7, 2009
  1. Merge branch 'master' into delegation

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
  2. doc/install: add missing "cd"

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
Commits on Oct 5, 2009
  1. compile: comments+efficiency

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
      - add better comments on the 2 main hashes
      - work around an inefficiency caused by the exclude prep code needing
        a list instead of a hash at a certain place
  2. doc/delegation: never ending quest to write well :)

    Sitaram Chamarty authored Sitaram Chamarty committed
  3., pta hook, upgrade doc:

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
      - install the post-update hook also
      - fix bashism in pta-hook
    Also, since delegation works best with PTA, reflect that in the upgrade doc
Commits on Oct 4, 2009
  1. pta hook: avoid spurious error messages on old fragments

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
  2. compile: (large changes) parse delegated fragments if any

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
        [Note: this is a fairly involved commit, compared to most of the others.
        See doc/5-delegation.mkd for a user-level feature description.]
        parse delegated config fragments (found as conf/fragments/*.conf).  Any
        repos being referenced within a fragment config *must* belong to the
        "@group" with the same name as the fragment.
        That is, a fragment called conf/fragments/abc.conf can only refer to repos
        that are members of the "@abc" repo group.  It cannot specify access
        control for any other repos.  If it does, those settings are ignored, and
        a warning message is produced.
        since the delegated config must have the flexibility of (re-)defining
        group names for internal convenience, and since all such definitions go
        into the same "groups" hash, it is quite easy for conf/fragments/abc.conf
        to write in its own (re-)definition of "@abc"!  That would be a neat
        little security hole :)
        The way to close it is to consider only members of the "@abc" groupset
        defined in the main ("master") config file for this purpose.
  3. doc/5-delegation added, doc/4 (PTA) enhanced

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
    This is complete user documentation for delegation
  4. collect delegated config fragments

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
    collect the delegated config fragments from correspondingly named branches of
    the gitolite-admin repo, and put them all in conf/fragments/
    also deprecate changes to conf and keydir locations from now on
  5. p-t-a: make the post-update hook a separate file...

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
    ...and just refer to it in the doc.  This hook will acquire more code soon,
    when we do delegations :)
  6. compile: make the parse a function instead of inline

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
    Again, prep for delegation, when we'll be reading fragments of config rules
    from various files and tacking them onto the %repos hash.
    note: this patch best viewed with "git diff -w", clicking "Ignore space
    change" in gitk, or eqvt :-)
  7. compile: change %groups from hash of lists to hash of hashes

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
    This makes it easier to test if a repo is a member of a group, which is
    required for the delegation feature coming up
Commits on Oct 3, 2009
  1. compile: special-case 'gitweb' and 'daemon' from the linting

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
    not a big deal since there's a very simple and obvious workaround -- create a
    new keypair, throw away the private key, and use the pubkey
Commits on Sep 27, 2009
  1. compile: pubkey related linting added

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
      - warn about files in keydir/ that dont end with ".pub"
      - warn about pubkey files for which the user is not mentioned in config
      - warn more sternly about the opposite (user in config, no pubkey!)
    update hook: add reponame to message on deny
    auth: minor typo
Commits on Sep 25, 2009
  1. compile, all docs/confs: specify gitweb/daemon access + bonus

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
    bonus: documented the "bits and pieces" thing properly; should have done this
    long ago, but it came to the forefront now thanks to this item
Commits on Sep 21, 2009
  1. P-T-A doc: add note about switching back and forth

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
  2. doc/3: updated the log line description

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
  3. compile/update hook: COMPILED FILE CHANGE -- PLEASE READ BELOW

    Sitaram Chamarty authored Sitaram Chamarty committed
        DONT forget to run src/gl-compile-conf as the last step in the upgrade
    The compiled file format has changed quite a bit, to make it easier for the
    rebel edition coming up :-)
      - we don't split RW/RW+ into individual perms anymore
      - we store the info required for the first level check separately now:
        (repo, R/W, user)
      - the order for second level check is now:
        repo, user, [{ref=>perms}...] (list of hashes)
    update hook logic: the first refex that:
      - matches the incoming ref, AND
      - contains the perm you're trying to use,
    causes the match loop to exit with success.  Fallthrough is failure
  4. example rc: say that $PERSONAL must start with "refs/"

    Sitaram Chamarty authored Sitaram Chamarty committed
  5. upgrade doc: added step to compile

    Sitaram Chamarty authored Sitaram Chamarty committed
  6. example conf, doc/3: explain refexes

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
  7. doc warnings:

    Sitaram Chamarty authored Sitaram Chamarty committed
    doc/admin: add warning about creating repos manually!
    doc/4: add warning on compile errors when using p-t-a
  8. Merge branch 'umask'

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
  9. compile, rc, doc/3: allow custom umask

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
  10. compile+doc/3: deal with older gits

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
      - detect/warn git version < 1.6.2
      - create documentation with details on client-side workaround
      - change the "git init --bare" to (older) "git --bare init", since the old
        syntax still works anyway
Commits on Sep 17, 2009
  1. compile+conf: allow lists (@listname) for reponames too

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
    why should just usernames have all the fun :)  The "expand_userlist" function
    is now "expand_list" and serves generically.  The example conf has also been
    updated correspondingly
  2. compile: better message when authkeys absent

    Sitaram Chamarty authored Sitaram Chamarty committed
    for security reasons, we refuse to create ~/.ssh/authorized_keys if it doesn't
    exist.  Explain this better and point to the documentation
Commits on Sep 15, 2009
  1. compile: make error messages grab the admin's attention

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
    required if you do "push to admin"
  2. doc: added 4-push-to-admin

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
Commits on Sep 14, 2009
  1. minor doc updates

    Sitaram Chamarty authored Sitaram Chamarty committed
      - README: re not needing root access
      - doc/3: "empty clone error" vis-a-vis git
Commits on Sep 11, 2009
  1. faq/tips: added "common errors..." section with 2 examples

    Sitaram Chamarty authored
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