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Commits on Jan 5, 2011
Commits on Jan 2, 2011
  1. (major change in big-config mode) split the compiled config file

    Fedora's config has over 11,000 repositories and the compiled config
    file is over 20 MB in size.  Although negligible on a server class
    machine, on my laptop just parsing this file takes a good 2.5 seconds.
    Even if you use GL_ALL_READ_ALL (see a couple of commits before this
    one) to remove the overhead for 'read's, that's still a pretty big
    overhead for writes.  And GL_ALL_READ_ALL is not really a solution for
    most people anyway.
    With this commit, using GL_BIG_CONFIG adds another optimisation; see
    doc/big-config.mkd for details (look for the word "split config" to find
    the section that talks about it).
    Implementation notes:
      - the check for GL_NO_CREATE_REPOS has moved *into* the loop (which it
        completely bypassed earlier) so that write_1_compiled_conf can be
        called on each item
  2. (data format change) fix misnamed 'repo_config' to 'git_configs'

    this change includes a minor data format change.  This should be mostly
    transparent for upgrades though.
Commits on Nov 16, 2010
  1. gitolite-down: disable write-access to take backups

    (we quietly do not document the 'able' adc, which is now the most
    "official" adc in the sense that it has a new test, t64-write-able!)
    other notes: fix bug in 'able' (not setting $loc)
Commits on Nov 6, 2010
  1. custom perm categories in setperms (WARNING: PLEASE READ FULL COMMIT …

    NOT MIX VERSIONS OR DOWNGRADE.  Upgrading using normal gitolite upgrade
    means should be fine, though.
    Originally, we only allowed "R" and "RW" as categories of users supplied
    to the `setperms` command.  These map respectively to "READERS" and
    "WRITERS" in the access rules.
      - we prefer READERS instead of R and WRITERS instead of RW
      - we allow the admin to define other categories as she wishes
        (example: MANAGERS, TESTERS, etc).  These do not have abbreviations,
        however, so they must be supplied in full.
    PLEASE, *PLEASE*, read the section in doc/wildcard-repositories.mkd for
    more info.  This is a VERY powerful feature and if you're not careful
    you could mess up the ACLs nicely.
    Backward compat note: you can continue to use the "R" and "RW"
    categories when running the "setperms" command, and gitolite will
    internally convert them to READERS and WRITERS categories.
    implementation notes:
      - new RC var called GL_WILDREPOS_PERM_CATS that is a space-sep list of
        the allowed categories in a gl-perms file; defaults to "R RW" if not
      - wild_repo_rights no longer returns $c, $r, $wC, where $r = $user if
        "R $user", $r = '@all' if "R @all", and similarly with $w and "RW".
        Instead it returns $c and a new hash that effectively gives the same
        info, but expanded to include any other valid categories (listed in
      - consequently, the arguments that parse_acl takes also change the
        same way
      - (side note: R and RW are quietly converted to READERS and WRITERS;
        however, new categories that you define yourself do not have
      - setperms validates perms to make sure only allowed categories are
        used; however even if someone changed them behind the scenes,
        wild_repo_rights will also check.  This is necessary in case the
        admin tightened up GL_WILDREPOS_PERM_CATS after someone had already
        setperms-d his repos.
      - as a bonus, we eliminate all the post-Dumper shenanigans, at least
        for READERS and WRITERS.  Those two now look, to the compile script,
        just like any other usernames.
  2. (test driver) editrc function buglet

    Till now I did not have an RC var whose name was a prefix of another
    valid RC var, so I never noticed that editrc would set the longer one
    also when you set the shorter one.
  3. (tests) added t62 for 32056e0

Commits on Aug 24, 2010
  1. allow @all to also include gitweb and daemon

    By default, @all does not include gitweb and daemon, but if that's what
    you want, you can make it happen...  see GL_ALL_INCLUDES_SPECIAL
    variable in conf/example.gitolite.rc
  2. info/expand print better(?) permission codes

    see doc/report-output.mkd for details
Commits on Aug 21, 2010
  1. allow @groups in setperms command also

    This should hopefully be the final step in making wildrepos as close to
    normal repos as possible.  You can now do pretty much anything with them
    that you can do with normal repos [1]
    Implementation notes:
      - compile puts out %groups into the compiled config file regardless of
        GL_BIG_CONFIG because this feature needs it
      - wild_repo_rights caches %groups because the part of the %groups hash
        we care about will not change between calls in the same run
    [1] **except** use the full-blown config file syntax within the gl-perms
        file :-)  I don't plan to do that; it's too complicated! [2]
    [2] yeah yeah I know -- famous last words!
  2. (minor) make time-style=long-iso explicit in t00

    (side-effect of switching one machine from Mandriva to Fedora; nothing
    to do with gitolite per se...)
Commits on Aug 20, 2010
  1. minor fixups to the "gitweb/daemon from setperms" code...

      - fork was not printing a newline after the permissions
      - "add_del_line" to properly handle that damn projects.list file!
  2. gitweb and daemon should now work even from within setperms

      - call setup_gitweb_access and setup_daemon_access from with
        get_set_perms so when the user sets a perm explicitly it works
      - in setup_gitweb_access, do not delete description file or
        gitweb.owner if the repo is wild
      - make the "fork" adc set gitweb.owner *and* call setperms using
      - add tests
    bug fixes:
      - gl-auth did not even *look* at GL_WILDREPOS_DEFPERMS when
        auto-"C"reating a wild repo; fixed
      - setup_gitweb_access did not delete the description file as
        consistently as it deleted the owner
    what will NOT work:
      - removing gitweb permissions does not clear the name from
        "projects.list".  That's complicated, so just wait till the next
        "compile" to make this happen
    (thanks to Jefferai for driving this...)
    mildly puzzling:
        for some strange reason, after a "git ls-remote ...try3" in t58,
        instead of not creating a "description" file, we started seeing a
        73-byte file containing this message:
        Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.
Commits on Aug 11, 2010
  1. lots of changes to tests for big-config

    as well as wild, and (as much as I could) both together
  2. new test: t54-repo-configs

Commits on Aug 10, 2010
Commits on Aug 9, 2010
  1. gqt -- gitolite quick (re-)test

    sometimes I want to quickly test a few lines of change within the context of
    a currently-running/just-ran test, *without* doing the rollback etc.
    Here's how you do that now:
      - in your source tree, make the change and then run:
            cp -a src hooks contrib/adc /some/tmp/place
      - go to the tester userid and re-run your tests like so:
            GQT=/some/tmp/place ./
        it'll rollback as normal then overwrite src and hooks from $GQT
    Also, there's now a "dbg" sub that can be used for quick printf-style
  2. (minor) fixes to test driver

Commits on Jul 30, 2010
  1. (tests) t59 to test previous commit...

    (the one that distinguishes "repo not found" from "no access")
Commits on Jul 23, 2010
Commits on Jun 18, 2010
  1. test suite: catch internal errors better

    authored you don't have to look at all the output for any strangeness
    (also make rollback a little quieter)
  2. separating "push" from "create"

    This is what I *should* have done back then; thanks to Jeff Mitchell for
    pointing out a problem with the old method.
    The old one is *definitely* a kludge.  <shamefaced grin>
Commits on Jun 16, 2010
  1. log message changes (warning: minor backward compat breakage)

    The log message format has changed.  All log messages now have a common
    prefix (timestamp, user, IP).  This is followed by $SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND
    (or, in one special case, the name of the user's login shell).  Any
    further text appears after this (currently this only happens in the case
    of a successful push -- one for each ref pushed successfully)
Commits on Jun 12, 2010
  1. finally, open up my secret test scripts...

    ...after getting rid of most of the hardcoding (though not all!)
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