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Welcome to the gitolite wiki!!

Gitolite allows you to host Git repositories easily and securely.

Please start reading here to learn about gitolite.

Sections in this wiki:

  • contacting me (TLDR: click here)
  • GPG key
  • donations / third-party donation sites (TLDR: I don't want anything, but I suggest donating to the Software Freedom Conservancy, and/or the FSF, or the VIM project, or the Perl foundation; links below).

contacting me

Click here for information about contacting me, the mailing list, and IRC channel. In general, everything should go to the mailing list. The only exception is if you're reporting what you think is a security issue, in which case please email me ( directly.

Github: Please DO NOT send me messages via github's "issues" system, github comments on commits, github pull requests, etc. I don't check github more than about once in a few months, and I don't like the pseudo-email interface; it is not an adequate substitute for email. The only guaranteed way to contact me is as given in the previous paragraph.

[Update 2018-11-08: If you're unwilling to join the mailing list, you can still send me direct mail if it's something simple, obvious, or quick. But if the issue needs multiple mails and/or some discussion, I prefer the mailing list.]

IRC: IRC is fine if you're willing to stick around till someone responds. Even then, if the question is likely to affect others or has long term "searchable" value, I may ask you to post to the mailing list.

Patches : Please send me patches via email, not as github pull requests. Again, if you think it's a security issue, send it directly to my gmail address, but otherwise please send it to the mailing list, so others can see it and comment on it.

The preferred format is the files created by git-format-patch, as attachments. However, if your repo has a public clone URL, you can make a new branch just for this fix, and send the repo URL and branch name to the mailing list.

GPG key

My gpg key (should be available at least from keyserver, probably most others as well):

pub   4096R/088237A5 2011-10-25
      Key fingerprint = 560A DA64 7542 816F 412E  5891 A442 9085 0882 37A5
uid                  Sitaram Chamarty (work email) <>
uid                  Sitaram Chamarty <>
sub   4096R/8AC76EFB 2011-10-25

donations / third-party donation sites

IMPORTANT: I do not support/endorse any third party donation sites, and you cannot donate to me that way. If you really want to contribute, please read below

Disclaimer: this is my personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect that of my employer. The disclaimer applies especially strongly to para 3 below.

I've had people ask me how they can donate to gitolite. The first part of the answer is that there is no need. I work for TCS, which is a large IT services firm, and they support my efforts in this and always have.

The second part of the answer is that if you feel the need to donate, I request you to donate instead to one or more of the following:

Finally, please note that I do not support/endorse any third party donation sites. Even if they are completely honest and above board (which is actually very hard to determine, IMO), no one has permission to do that on my behalf or in the name of gitolite. If you come across any site that purports to do so, please let me know. At the very least there are potential trademark issues, and I believe I have an implicit obligation to deal with them.

NOTE: GIT is a trademark of Software Freedom Conservancy and my use of "Gitolite" is under license.

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