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Commits on Jul 8, 2016
  1. Add Readme file

    sitaramshelke committed Jul 8, 2016
Commits on Jul 4, 2016
  1. Add check for None current values, Add Nonehandler Decorator class an…

    sitaramshelke committed Jul 4, 2016
    …d modified/added tests
    pcp-pidstat when used with archive, should handle cases if current values for an instance are not available. Thus added code to handle this safely.
    Also created a decorator class which would serve the purpose of replacing any None arguments to '?' for any reporter class.
Commits on Jul 2, 2016
  1. Merge pull request #5 from ryandoyle/master

    sitaramshelke committed Jul 2, 2016
    Fix optional option -U
Commits on Jun 28, 2016
  1. Add tests to validate the operation if a previous value is not found

    sitaramshelke committed Jun 28, 2016
    Add test to check if Reporter prints "?" if previous value not found
  2. Print "?" for a calculation if a previous value for an instance is no…

    sitaramshelke committed Jun 28, 2016
    …t found. Fix related tests
    As a convention in PCP values that are not found/valid should be printed as "?". This commit will make the calculation method to return a None value
    if any of the required previous value is not found. If a none value is returned the Reporter class would print "?" at its place.
Commits on Jun 27, 2016
  1. Remove patching from the current class under test

    sitaramshelke committed Jun 27, 2016
    The class which is under test should not me modified/patched. Therefore removing the patch and using a side effect for getting current value in metric repository.
  2. Remove cmin_flt and cmaj_flt values from page fault calculation.

    sitaramshelke committed Jun 27, 2016
    cmin_flt and cmaj_flt give the page falut counts for threads, pcp-pidstat does not need to account them for the calculation
Commits on Jun 24, 2016
Commits on Jun 23, 2016
  1. Add user_name() method in all Process usage classes to make sure -U o…

    sitaramshelke committed Jun 23, 2016
    …ption can be used is compatible with all of them
Commits on Jun 22, 2016
  1. Add Stdout class,its Print method can be used to print to standard ou…

    sitaramshelke committed Jun 22, 2016
    …tput and add printer attribute in reporter classes
Commits on Jun 21, 2016
  1. Add .gitignore file

    sitaramshelke committed Jun 21, 2016
Commits on Jun 20, 2016
  1. Add archive support, Perform -I calculation of total_percent in Proce…

    sitaramshelke committed Jun 20, 2016
    …ssCpuUsage class itself and Add pmlogger config file for pcp-pidstat
Commits on Jun 19, 2016
  1. Add -r option

    sitaramshelke committed Jun 19, 2016
Commits on Jun 18, 2016