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Apache 2.X module that adds CPU seconds to mod_log_config's LogFormat
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What is it?

mod_logcpu adds the ability to include elapsed CPU seconds per request using a new LogFormat directive: %...E

The CPU seconds account for the total processing time inside the Apache child, as well as processes exec()'d or fork()'d by the Apache child on a per request basis.

mod_logcpu has been tested with Apache 2.2, but it should work on Apache 2.X. It's been successfully tested with mpm_event running PHP with suPHP, and mpm_prefork with suPHP, but should work with any MPM and any handler assuming the handler is processed either as a child of the Apache child, or within the Apache child itself (e.g. mod_php).

This should allow accurate process accounting even when mod_php is being used to serve requests. It can also augment process accounting by tracking CPU seconds for specific requests, allowing a complete view of which specific pages are utilizing the most CPU resources.

Installation & Configuration

Just compile with apxs:

apxs -ci mod_logcpu.c

... then make sure it is loaded in httpd.conf:

LoadModule logcpu_module modules/

... finally, define a LogFormat using the new %...E directive:

<IfModule mod_logcpu.c>
    LogFormat "%t %f %E" cpulog
    CustomLog logs/cpu_log cpulog
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