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Welcome to the Sitecore Commerce Mentoring Guild!

Feel free to add documentation, links and sample source to help others get started with Sitecore Commerce however be aware when sharing that this is a public repository so please do not share any information that is protected under NDA.

This WIKI follows the Read, Watch, Create methodology:

  1. Read - Read some articles to get familiar with the technology.
  2. Watch - Watch some videos to visualize it.
  3. Create - Create something to apply the knowledge.

The Sitecore Commerce Mentoring Guild is available on other platforms at:

  • Facebook Page This page provides a news feed of what is going on with the Guild.
  • Facebook Group This group allows us to share marketing and technical discussion, ask question, share information.
  • LinkedIn Group This group provides a news feed of what is going on with the Guild as well as a Job Board for recruiters and hiring managers to make job posts available.
  • Slack Channel This channel is about everything commerce including Sitecore Commerce. This channel was created by Mike Reynolds and we will be active in this group so any Sitecore Commerce questions that need more immediate answers this is the place to ask.
  • StackExchange Tag any questions with Sitecore Commerce or search for answers here.

Let's help each other grow in knowledge of Sitecore Commerce and share higher quality and successful implementations of Sitecore Commerce.

Chris Williams and Eric Stafford

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