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Sitecore Ignition

Hi! 👋 You've found Sitecore Ignition. This repository is no longer being maintained as it is what we'll call "Ignition 1.0". Come check out the new stuff we're doing at!

Ignition is an open source development accelerator designed by the team at Perficient and released to the Sitecore community as a quick-start tool for beginning Sitecore projects. It has two primary components: the Sitecore Information Architecture piece and the .NET MVC Solution. All along the way, the team has set things up so that we're using best practices for Sitecore development as well as good development practices and patterns. We embrace SOLID, and our code is designed to enable you, the consumer, to quickly extend, add onto, and test your own code.

Please note that Ignition is in beta and may still be a bit rough around the edges. We are diligently adding new features and polish to the project and we happily accept your thoughts, feature requests, and pull requests.

Get Started

Note: Sitecore Ignition now ships preconfigured for Unicorn as its default serialization tool. You can easily include TDS or any other serialization method in your own implementation.

IMPORTANT!: Ignition uses the new Sitecore Nuget feed for sitecore binary references. Be sure to add to your Visual Studio Nuget sources.

  1. Setup a new Sitecore install on your machine.

  2. By default, Ignition uses http:\\ignition.localhost as the URL. Add this URL to your hosts file and add it to your site's IIS bindings.

  3. Clone the repository: git clone

  4. Add the following nuget package source to the Nuget Package Source listing: This step is performed in VS 2015 by clicking Tools, Nuget Package Manager, Package Manager Settings. The DLLs this package references for Ignition are the following:

    • Sitecore.ContentSearch.dll
    • Sitecore.ContentSearch.Linq.dll
    • Sitecore.Kernel.dll
    • Sitecore.Mvc.dll
    • Sitecore.Client.dll

    Note: These DLLs can also be added to the _lib folder as an alternative. The references to these DLLs in each Ignition project in the solution would also need to be updated.

  5. Update App_Config/Include/Folder.config file in Ignition.Root project to set the dataFolder and solutionFolder variables to your local data/solution folder paths.

  6. Open the solution Ignition.Unicorn.sln.

  7. Create a publishing profile called Ignition.Sc in the Ignition.Sc project.

  8. Create a publishing profile called Ignition.Root in the Ignition.Root project.

  9. Create a publishing profile called Ignition.Unicorn in the Ignition.Unicorn project.

  10. Publish Ignition.Sc, then Ignition.Root, then Ignition.Unicorn.

  11. Navigate to the Unicorn Control Panel and sync the two Ignition configurations.

  12. Publish your site and have fun!

Ignition has been tested using Sitecore 8.0 Update-4 and above. Ignition probably works with any version of the Sitecore 7 and 8 .dlls but we have not confirmed.

Solution Structure



Innermost library accessible to the entire solution that houses core functionality used in other layers.



Includes standard models used by the framework. This is where you'll add your own shared models.



Integration layer where Ignition interacts with Sitecore (e.g., pipeline events, commands, etc.) and external integrations.


Presentation layer. Add your Sitecore site here.


Demo Ignition site. Examples and reusable components.



Composition root for the solution. Where IoC container, Glass Mapper, and MVC are configured and initialized.


Copyright and License

Code and documentation copyright 2016 Jon Upchurch and Perficient, Inc. released under the MIT license.


An open source development accelerator designed by the team at Perficient and released to the Sitecore community as a quick-start tool for beginning Sitecore projects.







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