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A filtering plugin for CakePHP

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Another Filter Plugin for CakePHP

This plugin will make searching paginated lists in your CakePHP application easy. This branch is for CakePHP 1.3+


This plugin is licensed under the MIT license


  1. Navigate to your plugins directory and use the following command:
    git clone git:// filter
  2. Add the filter component to the components array of the controller you want to filter on:
    var $components = array('Filter.Filter');
  3. Add the filter helper to the helpers array of the controller you want to filter on:
    var $helpers = array('FIlter.Filter');
  4. Generate a filter form (table row) in your view:
    <?php echo $this->Filter->tableRowForm('Post', array('', 'Post.title', 'Post.content'));?>
  5. For advanced configuration see: Configuration


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