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Phergie plugin for displaying a fortune in channel.

⚠️ This plugin makes system calls! It should be fine unless misconfigured. You have been warned. ⚠️

This plugin assumes you have installed fortune on your *nix like system. For more detailed information on databases see man fortune.

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The recommended method of installation is through composer.

composer require sitedyno/phergie-fortune

See Phergie documentation for more information on installing and enabling plugins.

Provided Commands

Command Parameters Description
!fortune none Displays a random fortune in channel


return [
    'plugins' => [
        // dependency
        new \Phergie\Irc\Plugin\React\Command\Plugin,

        // configuration, all is optional
        new \Sitedyno\PhergieFortune\Plugin([
            // The path to the fortune binary. Defaults to '/usr/games/fortune'.
            'binary-path' => '/usr/games/fortune',
            // List of databases to use. Defaults to 'fortunes'. See `man fortune` for possible values.
            'databases' => 'fortune',
            // Use only short fortunes. Defaults to true.
            'short' => true


To run the unit test suite:

curl -s | php
php composer.phar install


Released under the MIT License. See