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SiteFusion Client BuildKit (tailored for XULRunner 33)

This package allows you to build and brand custom SiteFusion clients, and is used by to create the default branded client.

Three shell scripts are included:

  • build [ windows | macosx | linux ] The build script composes the clients for the specified platform(s) from the component directories and builds the resulting base clients in the builds directory. When no platforms are specified, the script builds for all platforms. The result of this command is not yet useable as a standalone client because it is unbranded. Unbranded clients can however be used for the updater service, which brands clients on the fly, depending on the branding of the requesting client.

  • brand The brand script brands the base clients in the builds directory with the specified vendor and product name (and optionally a vendorURL). Note that both vendor and product need to be strings without spaces.

  • clear This script clears the builds directories

Example: the command to build and brand the branded SiteFusion client for all three platforms is:

   ./build && ./brand SiteFusion


Clients are built up from several components, reflected in the directories contained in this package:

  • sitefusion-base : this directory contains the base contents of the SiteFusion-specific XULRunner directory contents that are the same across all platforms. This includes the chrome files in chrome/content, the base preferences in defaults/preferences, the style extensions in res and the application.ini file.

  • sitefusion-extended : this directory contains the platform-specific extensions of sitefusion-base. This includes stub executables, executable dependencies (gkmedias.dll on recent windows versions), icons, and README's.

  • sitefusion-root : this directory contains the platform-specific root application folder directory structures. Only MacOSX requires a base directory structure, which contains the Info.plist file and the stub executable. On Mac you need to include libmozglue.dylib next to the stub executable.

  • xulrunner-chrome : this directory contains additions to the chrome of the xulrunner. Additional language packs (.jar and .manifest) can be added here, the Dutch language pack is included by default. Note that language packs need to originate from a FireFox build of the exact same version as the included XULRunner build.

  • xulrunner-res : this directory contains altered .css files that need to sit in the xulrunner/res directory. To ensure compatibility with future changes in the xulrunner/res files from Mozilla releases, only .patch files are processed and applied to the corresponding release files in the xulrunner/res directory.

  • xulrunners : this directory contains the unpacked Mozilla XULRunner releases without any modifications. These can be replaced with a version of choice. Note that the base directory names are platform specific and should be left the same. Linux needs to supplied with both a 32bit and a 64bit clients.