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Modified SOURCE_DIR_PARAM and DEST_DIR_PARAM to be protected. Otherwi…

…se the array is mutable outside of the class which could lead into problems.
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rburton authored and joewalnes committed Sep 6, 2009
1 parent 21055bf commit 6413819853e1282f962b30d8831d082d3370b1c2
@@ -44,8 +44,8 @@
private final PropertiesParser properties;
- public static final String[] SOURCE_DIR_PARAM = {"src", "srcdir", "source", "in", "i"};
- public static final String[] DEST_DIR_PARAM = {"dest", "destdir", "destination", "out", "o"};
+ protected static final String[] SOURCE_DIR_PARAM = {"src", "srcdir", "source", "in", "i"};
+ protected static final String[] DEST_DIR_PARAM = {"dest", "destdir", "destination", "out", "o"};
public PropertiesOfflineConfigurator(ObjectFactory objectFactory, Map<String, String> properties) {
super(objectFactory, properties);

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