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Sitemesh end development ? #55

AdelinGhanaem opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Hi guys, thanks for the nice framework. Recently we decided to use it in out project but, we heard that its development has finished is it true ?


Development has slowed, but that's probably because it's rock solid...we've used it for months now in production without issue.


I agree that Sitemesh is pretty stable. Considering that doesn't it make sense to mark it as final version? Many people avoid using Snapshot / Alpha version libraries in production.


I've got an application in dev using SM3 Alpha2 which seems to behave, but persuading team leads/managers that it will be ok while it still has the Alpha moniker can be a struggle.


Having officially released version would allow us (Struts team) release new struts2-sitemesh3-plugin :-)


Official release should come out this week



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