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Author Documentation

Follow these guidelines when writing for SitePoint, and refer to them before submitting articles and topic pitches to your editor.


  • Peer Review
  • Submitting a draft for Peer Reviewing - What format the article should be in before submission (hint: MarkDown), plus step-by-step instructions on how to submit your article.
  • Style Guide - Important information on how to format articles, English language, spelling/grammar and acceptable language.
  • Working with Editors - Ideas for getting the most out of the author-editor relationship, plus a description of the editorial process.
  • Quick Tips - Quick Tips are a new article format - this doc explains how they're structured and how to produce them.


  • Demos and Downloadable Code Samples - GitHub, CodePen, JSBin, JSFiddle, Plunker - we use a wide variety of services to show code demos, this doc explains how we manage them and how to do so yourself.
  • Code - How to present code.
  • Accessibility - How to make code (and articles) more accessible.
  • Using Trello - How to use Trello to manage your article pitches. (Recommended read for first time users).
  • Using Slack - We use Slack to keep in touch, discuss pitches, and socialize. (Recommended read for first time users).
  • Using Images - How to use images in your article and image specifications.

Admin and Policies

  • Invoicing - Contains information on our invoicing form, how and when to invoice for your work.