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Doctrine2 behavioral extensions, Translatable, Sluggable, Tree-NestedSet, Timestampable, Loggable, Sortable

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Doctrine 2 behavioral extensions

This package contains extensions for Doctrine 2 that hook into the facilities of Doctrine and offer new functionality or tools to use Doctrine 2 more efficently. This package contains mostly used behaviors which can be easily attached to your event system of Doctrine 2 and handle the records being flushed in the behavioral way. List of extensions:

  • Tree - this extension automates the tree handling process and adds some tree specific functions on repository. (closure or nestedset)
  • Translatable - gives you a very handy solution for translating records into diferent languages. Easy to setup, easier to use.
  • Sluggable - urlizes your specified fields into single unique slug
  • Timestampable - updates date fields on create, update and even property change.
  • Loggable - helps tracking changes and history of objects, also supports version managment.
  • Sortable - makes any document or entity sortable

Currently these extensions support Yaml, Annotation and Xml mapping. Additional mapping drivers can be easily implemented using Mapping extension to handle the additional metadata mapping.

Note: doctrine2.0.x branch is no longer being supported and all new features and fixes are on master branch, which currently supports 2.1.x versions of doctrine2

Note: from now on there is only one listener per extension which supports ODM and ORM adapters to deal with objects. Only one instance of listener is required, and can be attached to many different type object managers, currently supported (ORM or ODM)

Note: Please note, that xml mapping needs to be in a different namespace, the declared namespace for Doctrine extensions is So root node now looks like this:

<doctrine-mapping xmlns=""

Latest updates


  • Sluggable listener now has extension points to extend the default behavior of sluggable. By default there is TreeSlug, RelativeSlug handlers. Which can build a tree path like slug example: category/shoes/nike. Using relative slug handler it is possible to have related slug for example, user is related to company by ManyToOne relation in result slug is: company/user-name


  • Sluggable can handle multiple slug fields, now on Sluggable annotation you will need to provide slugField property it should belong to
  • Translatable query hint will use default locale translations in case if it does not have a translation in currently used locale

ODM MongoDB support

List of extensions which support ODM

  • Translatable
  • Sluggable
  • Timestampable
  • Loggable
  • Sortable

All these extensions can be nested together and mapped in traditional ways - annotations, xml or yaml

Notice: extension tutorial on doctrine blog is outdated, most recent documentation is in doc directory. There is a post introducing to these extensions on doctrine project

You can test these extensions on my blog.

All tutorials for basic usage examples are on my blog also.

Running the tests:

PHPUnit 3.5 or newer is required. To setup and run tests follow these steps:

  • go to the root directory of extensions
  • run: php bin/vendors.php
  • run: phpunit -c tests
  • optional - run mongodb in background to complete all tests


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