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Task #1

#Installation instructions (tested on MacOsX):

  1. sudo easy_install pip
  2. pip install lettuce
  3. pip install lettuce_webdriver
  4. pip install selenium
  5. pip install nose
  6. git clone git@github.com:siteriaitaliana/3POB.git 3pob

#How to run the tests:

  • cd 3pob/tests && lettuce

#Logging, report facilities:

  • For every failed test a screenshot is taken in the tests/out folder
  • A complete log file is generated in the tests/out folder

#Improvement suggestions:

Bugs report


Task #2

  • username: "bamboo83"

Task #3

#Usage instructions:

  • Detailed instruction on how execute the rake tasks can be found in the tests/Rakefile.rb block comment.

#Improvement suggestions:

  • Refactor the code by creating the classic activerecord model layout with 3 model classes for each table eventually containing some custom methods. With those classes in place all the active record helper methods can be used on their corresponding AR objects making a lot simpler to query the table in various ways.

Bugs & Improvements report