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Default dashboards for Graphite

Run this container to get a default Graphite datasource linked with the default dashboards.

The following environment variables can be set:

  • GF_USER - Grafana user that has privileges to setup dashboards & datasources (default: sitespeedio)
  • GF_PASSWORD - password for the Grafana user (default: hdeAga76VG6ga7plZ1)
  • GF_API - path to the Grafana API (default: "http://grafana:3000/api").
  • BACKEND - Choose between graphite or influxdb (default: graphite)

Example: docker run -it --link graphite_grafana_1:grafana --network graphite_default sitespeedio_dashboards

Add a new dashboard

  1. Export JSON from Grafana (see Grafana Doc) and put it in the /dashboards folder
  2. Rebuild the container docker build -t sitespeedio_dashboards .
  3. Run the container docker run -it --link <name of your grafana container>:grafana --network <name of your grafana network> sitespeedio_dashboards