A Jenkins plugin for sitespeed.io
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Jenkins plugin for sitespeed.io Build Status

This is the official plugin for running sitespeed.io in Jenkins (documentation).

Current status: When the plugin can run as a slave the 1.0 will be released.


  • Test your site against sitespeed.io best practice web performance rules and browser timing metrics fetched from the Navigation Timing API and User Timings.
  • Break builds using JUnit/TAP or built in budget.
  • Send all the metrics to Graphite.
  • Test using WebPageTest.

It looks like this: Jenkins plugin

How to run in Jenkins

  • Build the HPI file (not included in Jenkins automatically yet)
  • Install the HPI file in Jenkins
  • Install the latest version of sitespeed.io on your Jenkins server npm install -g sitespeed.io
  • Configure the plugin
  • Run it!

How to build the HPI file

mvn package

and the file will be available in target/sitespeed.hpi

How to build/run locally

mvn clean
mvn hpi:run -Djetty.port=8090