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We want to make one of the best web performance tool in the world and we hope you can help us!


We love to have more people involved in improving We are constantly working on adding more documentation and trying to write more information in the issues so its easier to help out. If there's an issue that you want to take on, ping the the issue and we can help you get started. You can also join our Slack channel if you need help!


As a designer there's a lot you can do: You can help us improve the HTML result pages. Maybe we should restructure the metrics ? Or could the header/footer look better? You could also have look at where we have all the documentation. You can pretty much help us with everything, no one in the core team got design skills :)


Documentation is fun and it is the core of making easy to use. We got a special documentation tag for issues that you can use to find where we know we lack documentation. Fixing spelling mistakes is great. Or rewrite parts that you think is too complicated. You can find what you need to send a PR to the documentation here.


We lack unit tests. You can read about our testing pipeline that works good for us but more unit tests are always good. A good start is adding support for the code in the support library.


Do you use in your everyday work? Then we have a perfect proposition for you! Have a hack day with focus on for your team and contribute back. Pick one the things in the Help wanted section or make your plugin Open Source and tell us about it. Or maybe there's a something you think is missing? Create it. Contribute back.

Help wanted

You can help us: