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We want to make the best web performance tool in the world and we hope you want to help us!


"Can't we just support you with money?"

We would prefer that you spend your money on people that really needs it, support the Red Cross. We will add more specific projects that we want you to support soon.


We love to have more people involved in making better. We are constantly working on adding more documentation and trying to write more information in the issues so its easier to help out. If there's an issue that suites you, take it on! If you want help to get started or want to discuss the solution, ping the issue and we can setup a hangout.


Help us make the result pages look better! Help us make the documentation look better You can pretty much help us with everything :=


Documentation is fun and it is the core of making software easy to use. Help us out and proof read and add sections that are missing. Documentation for 4.0 happens here.


We lack a lot of tests for the coming 4.0. Writing tests is a good way to get familiar with the codebase and will help us a lot in the future. A good start is adding support for the code in the support library.


Do you use in your everyday work? Then we have a perfect proposition for you! Have a hack day with focus on for your team and contribute back. Pick one the things in the Help wanted section. Or maybe there's a function you think is missing? Create it. Contribute back.

Help wanted

You can help us:

Checkout the milestones and check if there's issues you want to do. Are they lacking info? Ping the issue and we will help you.