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Simple-ML, a Java library for online classification.
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The library can be used to attack large-scale classification problems. It is really fast!

Simple-ML supports:

  • Pegasos SVM
  • Linear Perceptron
  • Passive-Agressive Perceptron
  • Averaged Perceptron


Usage CLI (Experimental)

Simple-ML similar in usage to LibSVM and SVM-Light. The library is written in Java what requires JRE 7 installed on your OS. The convinient way to use simple-ml-*.*-with-deps.jar distribution, which requires minimum efforts in installation.

Simple-ML consists of a training module and a classification module. Classification module is used to apply the learned model to test examples.

The training module is called with the following parameters:

java -jar "simple-ml-0.1-with-deps.jar" train [options] <training_set_file> <model_file>

The classification module is called with the following parameters:

java -jar "simple-ml-0.1-with-deps.jar" classify [options] <model_file> <test_file> <output_file>

The only available option now is:

-t classifier_type : 0 - linear perceptron (default)
                     1 - averaged linear perceptron
                     2 - passive-aggressive perceptron
                     3 - Pegasos SVM

Data Formats

LibSVM Input Data Format

Simple-ML compatible with LibSVM data format:

<label> <index1>:<value1> <index2>:<value2> ... 

Each line contains one instance. For classification, <label> is an integer indicating the class label (CLI supports only binary classification what restricts <label> to be -1 or +1, but multilabel classification is supported in API). The pair <index>:<value> gives a feature value: <index> is an integer starting from 1 and <value> is a real number.

Output Format

Each line of output file contains <label> for the corresponding instance of the test file.

Terms of Use

If you are keen to use Simple-ML for non-commertial/research projects, please spread the project link wherever you want and can. Also, drop me an e-mail if you want to use Simple-ML for commertial purposes.


Now you know everything to be able to use Simple-ML in your data minig tasks. The library is still under our lazy development, so if you find a bug or you have a suggestion we would be glad to know. Please use the issue tracker or e-mail. If you want to become a contributor, fell free to drop me an e-mail.

Since the training and classification algorithms implemented in Simple-ML are so fast, you will definitely have more time for beer your research!

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