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Minunit is a minimal unit testing framework for C/C++ self-contained in a single header file.

It provides a way to define and configure test suites and a few handy assertion types. It reports the summary of the number of tests run, number of assertions and time elapsed.

Note that this project is based on:

How to use it

This is a minimal test suite written with minunit:

#include "minunit.h"

MU_TEST(test_check) {
	mu_check(5 == 7);
MU_TEST_SUITE(test_suite) {

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
	return MU_EXIT_CODE;

Which will produce the following output:

test_check failed:
	readme_sample.c:4: 5 == 7

1 tests, 1 assertions, 1 failures

Finished in 0.00032524 seconds (real) 0.00017998 seconds (proc)

Check out minunit_example.c to see a complete example. Compile with something like:

gcc minunit_example.c -lrt -lm -o minunit_example

Don't forget to add -lrt for the timer and -lm for linking the function fabs used in mu_assert_double_eq.

Setup and teardown functions

One can define setup and teardown functions and configure the test suite to run them by using the macro MU_SUITE_CONFIGURE with within a MU_TEST_SUITE declaration.

Assertion types

mu_check(condition): will pass if the condition is evaluated to true, otherwise it will show the condition as the error message

mu_fail(message): will fail and show the message

mu_assert(condition, message): will pass if the condition is true, otherwise it will show the failed condition and the message

mu_assert_int_eq(expected, result): it will pass if the two numbers are equal or show their values as the error message

mu_assert_double_eq(expected, result): it will pass if the two values are almost equal or show their values as the error message. The value of MINUNIT_EPSILON sets the threshold to determine if the values are close enough.

mu_assert_string_eq(expected, resurt): it will pass if the two strings are equal.


David Siñuela Pastor