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express = require 'express'
ejs = require 'ejs'
ISODate = require 'isodate'
{exec} = require 'child_process'
{FacebookService} = require './lib/services/facebook_service'
{PostService} = require './lib/services/post_service'
groupId = process.env.FB_GROUP_ID ? "133426573417117"
accessToken = process.env.FB_GRAPH_TOKEN
mongo_url = process.env.MONGOHQ_URL
task 'import', 'fetch facebook update and insert into mongo', (options) ->
fb = new FacebookService accessToken
mongo = new PostService mongo_url
mongo.importFacebook fb, groupId, (error, records) =>
if error
console.log("Failed saving to mongo", error)
console.log("#{records.length} saved.")
task 'export', "export mongo database", (options) ->
mongo = new PostService mongo_url
mongo.findAll 1000, 1, (error, posts) =>
if error
console.log("error saving post: ", error)
console.log("#{posts.length} records saved")
task 'docs', "generate docs, require docco", (options) ->
console.log("Generating Docs ...")
exec "docco lib/*.coffee", (error, stdout, stderr) =>
console.log stdout
console.log stderr
if error
console.log error