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List of helpers/utilities help you to keep your RubyMotion project DRY.


gem install motion-dryer


Add following to the Rakefile

require 'motion-dryer'

Automatic Controller Dependency

Getting tired of setting up file_dependnecies on your projects? Just keep your project with following structure:

  - controllers/
    - sample_controller.rb
  - views/
    - common/
      - shared_view.rb
    - sample/
      - sample_view.rb
      - sample_table_view.rb
  - helpers/
    - application_helper.rb
    - sample_helper.rb

Add following to your project Rakefile:

Motion::Project::App.setup do |app| = 'my_app'
  app.controllers = ['sample']

Sample controller will automatically depends on corresponding helpers and views.

What next?

Thats all for now. if you have more idea, please contact me or send a pull request!

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