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adds a friendly batch-uploader to paperclipped, with progress bars and a very simple interface
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Paperclipped Uploader

This adds a friendly batch-uploader to paperclipped, with progress bars and a very simple interface. We use SWFupload to do most of the work.


The completion of each upload triggers an ajax call to drop a simple description form into what was previously the progress bar, so it's now possible to cue up a batch of uploads and describe them when they finish. It's very quick and easy to use.


It works. It's new but quite tidy. It should handle errors reasonably well but only to report a failure. It's not properly browser-tested yet.


The usual:

git submodule add git:// vendor/extensions/paperclipped_uploader
rake radiant:extensions:paperclipped_uploader:update

The update task brings in quite a lot of clutter: javascript, flash, a bit of css, a link image and some more spinners. You do need it all.


  • At the moment you need our fork of paperclipped for this to work: flash uploads don't come with content-types so we've had to intervene.
  • Flash uploads don't come with cookies or any other useful context either, so there is a semi-standard hack in the submission code to send that information by POST instead, and another couple in CGI::Session to get it out again.
  • I've stuck with paperclipped's prototype/lowpro setup for the javascript, so it's easy to integrate but not really very nice.

Author & Copyright

  • William Ross, for spanner. will at
  • Copyright 2009 spanner ltd
  • released under the same terms as Rails and/or Radiant
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