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20 lines (17 sloc) 0.906 kb do |s| = 'Three20Lite'
s.version = '2.1.0'
s.license = 'Apache License, Version 2.0'
s.summary = 'Three20 is a collection of iPhone UI classes, like a photo viewer, and general utilities,' \
'like an HTTP disk cache. This is a lite edition of three20, which contains some important' \
'changes compared to the original Three20 project. See project homepage for more details.'
s.homepage = '' = { 'Joe Hewitt' => '' }
s.source = { :git => '' }
s.dependency 'SBJson'
s.platform = :ios
s.source_files = 'src/*.{h,m}', 'src/{Core,Network,Navigator,UI,Style}/*.{h,m}'
s.resources = "src/Three20.bundle"
s.clean_paths = "Classes", "*.{plist,pch,md,m,xcodeproj}", "Examples"
s.frameworks = 'QuartzCore'
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