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Minimal Desktop App for Medium developed by Medium enthusiasts
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MediumDesk is a simple app that lets you read and write Medium stories when you are at your desk. Developed by Medium enthusiasts


(Current version : 0.2.1)

OS X (10.9+)


Windows (7+) - Coming Soon


The goal of this app is to purely extend's experience into desktops. We don't intend to modify/replace any behavior. For every feature we add, we ask ourselves "Would Medium do it, If they built a desktop app?".

  • The first goal is to be able to use without any issues in it's own window. So it is always accessible through your Applications folder, Dock / Task Bar, Search. To find your draft, you don't have to dig through browser tabs anymore.
  • Native Menus & Shortcuts for commonly used functions (Cmd N / Ctrl N - New Story, Cmd F / Ctrl F - Search Medium, Cmd 0-7 / Ctrl 0-7 - Home, Drafts, Public Stories, Stats, Bookmarks, Publications, Profile, Settings.)

Coming Soon

  • Import file from disk...
  • Back & Forward within the App
  • Open in Browser
  • Pin pages to keep them open
  • External URLs show a top bar similar to medium



Feel free to submit issues and enhancement requests.


MediumDesk is built with Electron & would love to accept pull requests for any issues or feature request.

Read more on contributing

  • Init: $ npm install
  • Run: $ npm start
  • Build OS X: $ npm run build:osx
  • Build Linux: $ npm run build:linux
  • Build Windows: $ npm run build:windows
  • Build all: $ brew install wine and $ npm run build (OS X only)
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