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-Apache 2.2 on a posix system (linux, solaris, etc) (apache 2.0 may also work)
-php > 5.2.x
-php sqlite pdo, sqlite >
-for some installations, you may have to install also the php-posix package
-for recent fedora systems, define short_open_tag=On in php.ini (this will -not be necessary in the next version)
Browse to itdb/phpinfo.php to find out which sqlite is used by apache/php
1. extract the files in a web-exported directory
2. rename pure.db to itdb.db (pure.db is a blank db)
3. make the data/itdb.db file AND the data/ directory AND the data/files/ directory readable and writeable by the web server
4. Login with admin/admin
send me patches/bugs/well-thought ideas
sivann _at gmail dot com
Latest version can be found here:
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