A URl shortener loosely based on Tantek Çelik's Whistle URL shortener.
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TinWhistle is a simple URL shortener that uses the NewBase60 code as an essential part of the shortening algorithm. This blog post explains the algorithm in detail.


use TinWhistle;

my $short = make_short_from_url ("2010/05/26/t2"); # t45v2

# or, Tantek ordinal-days style:

my $short = make_short_from_url ("2010/146/t2"); # t45v2

# now expand to format of your choice

my $long_as_ord = short_to_long_as_ord ($short); # 2010/146/t2

my $long_as_ymd = short_to_long_as_ymd ($short); $ 2010/05/26/t2


NewBase60.pm is a perl implementation Tantek Celik's new base 60, a "a base 60 numbering system using only ASCII numbers and letters", part of his cassis project. From the wiki page:

"I needed a way to compress numbers for a URL shortener I am building so I looked at existing work, decided I could do better with a better design methodology, and ended up deriving a base 60 numbering system from ASCII characters."

(How this technique is used in Tantek's URL shortener is described in this blog post).


use TinWhistle::NewBase60;

my $date = '1971-06-29';
my ( $y, $m, $d ) = split /-/, $date;

my $test_date = DateTime->new(
    year  => $y,
    month => $m,
    day   => $d,

# days *since* the epoch (1970-01-01)
my $epoch_days = date_to_num ($date); # 544

# that value encoded as sexagesimal
my $sxg_days = num_to_sxg ($epoch_days); # 94

# ordinal date per ISO8601 - YYYY-DDD
my $ord_date = date_to_ord ($date); # 2010-146