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Private Label Feed plugin for MovableType and Melody
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Private Label Feed plugin for Melody and Movable Type 4.x


For nearly as long as blogs have been providing RSS and Atom feeds, sites like Feedburner have been around to proxy those feeds and provide statistics on how many users are is subscribed to the feed.

For many users, pointing Feedburner at your feed and then linking to Feedburner's copy of the feed is enough. If, however you as the site owner want more control over the URL you use for your feed, without sacrificing the features of Feedburner or other feed proxies, then Private Label Feed is for you.

Private Label Feed publishes a private copy of the 'Feed - Recent Entries' (Atom feed) file whenever that file is published. This private feed file (defaults to atom-private.xml) is the file you point your feed proxy service at. Then, you will create an .htaccess rule (described below) to redirect requests for atom.xml to your service of choice.


Private Label Feeds depends on Config Assistant, available from the OpenMelody Github repository.


The latest version of the plugin can be downloaded from its Github repo.

Installation follows the standard plugin installation procedures.


  • Install the plugin
  • In the blog you want to setup the feed for, go to "Tools > Plugins" and open the settings for "Private Label Feed".

Private Label Feeds plugin settings

  • Enter the url for your Feedburner feed and hit Save
  • Configure your .htaccess file to redirect atom.xml to your feedburner url:

    RewriteRule ^atom.xml$ [R]

  • Or, if you're using an MT template to publish your .htaccess file:

    RewriteRule ^atom.xml$ <mt:FeedburnerFeedURL> [R]

Now, if Feedburner (or your feed proxy of choice) ever goes away, you can simply disable the plugin and remove the Apache rewrite, and your site goes back to serving it's own atom.xml file, without any disruption to your users.


This plugin was originally created by Steve Ivy of Wallrazer for Endevver, LLC.

Copyright 2011 Endevver, LLC.

License: Artistic, licensed under the same terms as Perl itself

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