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Notational Velocity and Github wiki Integration
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Veloci-wiki is not a wiki, per se. Rather, it's an easy way to set up your Notational Velocity install to store note data in a Github wiki. This makes NV a great note editor AND a great wiki editor!

See the first blog post here for more info.


Github Setup

First up, get the code:

% git clone

If you prefer, fork the project first, then create a local clone.

If you don't already have a repository on Github that you want to use for your NV wiki, create a new respository (Github has excellent help if you need it) and create the wiki for the repo by going to "Wiki" and clicking "Create Wiki"

After you have your wiki, click the "Git Access" button on the wiki home page and copy the git URL, which will look something like:<you>/<some-repo>.wiki.git

Clone the wiki repo somewhere on your local drive and write down or copy the path:

% git clone<you>/<some-repo>.wiki.git
% cd <some-repo>.wiki; pwd | pbcopy

In the cloned veloci-wiki repo, run:

% perl <path to your wiki checkout>

You should see something like:

% perl /Users/you/tmp/
Setting up veloci-wiki...
Watching: /Users/you/tmp/
Creating launchd plist for watcher at:
Restarting launchd...

You can ignore any warnings like:

% launchctl: Error unloading: <some file>

Notational Velocity Setup

You are using it, or downloaded it, right?

Launch NV if it's not running. Open the Preferences and click on "Notes". Next to "Read notes from folder", pick "Other..." from the drop down and select the directory into which you cloned your wiki.

Then, click on "Storage" and change your settings to use "Plain Text Files" (in nvalt, a fork of Notational Velocity, I use the "Zettelkasten (Markup text Files)" setting, but it works either way):

Finally, to make sure that NV creates markdown (.md) files by default, select (or create an entry for) ".md" in the list of file extensions and then click the checkmark icon below the list. This sets .md as the default extension for files (Github only recognizes .md files as wiki pages).

It's alive!

Now, after making a change in Notational Velocity, you should see your page appear on your Github wiki under "Pages". If you have Growl installed, the update script will find it and report:

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