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A test service to mock slow server responses ⚡️⚡️⚡️
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Flash ( Build Status

A test service to mock slow server responses.


Flash lets you simulate a slow server response, when you make a request. This can come handy while testing how your application responds to a slow external service or API.

Right now Flash supports only GET requests with configurable delay and URL parameters.

Using Flash is really easy. eg. On visiting You'll be redirected to's response after a 5000ms delay.

Request Structures

Delay Mode{delay_time}
Delay and URL Mode{delay_time}/url/{url}

Learn more on usage here - documentation link.

Dev Setup

Running the app
$ git clone
$ cd Flash
$ npm install
$ npm start
Running tests
$ npm test

If you're using vs-code for development, I've already included the launch.json scripts for running app and test server in debug mode.


For contributing, please raise a pull request with your code and test. You can also contribute by reporting issues and adding feature requests.


This project is available for use under the MIT software license.

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