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Online Invoice Management. See online demo (user:, password: secret).

API Documentation

Howto Install on Heroku

First clone the siwapp repository into your computer:

$ git clone
$ cd siwapp

Create the app in heroku (we suppose in the terminal your are logged in heroku). Here we call the app "siwapp-demo", but choose whatever you like.

$ heroku apps:create siwapp-demo
$ heroku apps:create --region eu --buildpack heroku/ruby siwapp-demo
$ heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql
$ heroku addons:create scheduler:standard

Push the code to heroku, and setup database.

$ git push heroku
$ heroku run rake db:setup

Finally create an user to be able to login into the app.

$ heroku run "rake siwapp:user:create['demo','','secret_password']"

If you want the recurring invoices to be generated automatically, you have to setup the heroku scheduler addon:

$ heroku addons:open scheduler

Add a new job, and put "rake siwapp:generate_invoices"

That's it! You can enjoy siwapp now entering on your heroku app url.

$ heroku apps:open