Helps creating email templates to use in Siwapp.
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Helps creating email templates to use in Siwapp.

This repository uses Foundation for Emails, refer to it for comprehensive instructions.

Quick & Dirty

First of all install foundation-cli.

Start using the Framework:

$ cd /path/to/repo
$ npm install
$ foundation watch

This will install dependencies and open a browser at http://localhost:3000 where you will be able to preview your e-mail template.

Build Final Template

$ cd /path/to/repo
$ foundation build

This will generate the inlined template inside the dist directory.


ERB Syntax

To avoid conflicts when using the CSS inliner in a template that makes use of the ERB <% %> tags, we've modified the Gulpfile file so you can use [% %] instead and the framework will generate the proper tags after CSS inline process.

This code:

[% @invoice.items.each do |item| %]
    <td>[%= item.description %]</td>
    <td class="total">[%= display_money item.base_amount %]</td>
[% end %]

would be transformed into this:

<% @invoice.items.each do |item| %>
    <td><%= item.description %></td>
    <td class="total"><%= display_money item.base_amount %></td>
<% end %>


To make code easier to understand we disabled minification by default. If you want to re-enable it you can do it in the gulpfile.babel.js file.

  1. Open the Gulpfile in your editor and search: function inliner(css)
  2. For the htmlmin plugin set the collapseWhitespace and minifyCSS options as true.

The function would be something like this:

function inliner(css) {
  var css = fs.readFileSync(css).toString();
  var mqCss = siphon(css);

  var pipe = lazypipe()
    .pipe($.inlineCss, {
      applyStyleTags: false,
      removeStyleTags: false,
      removeLinkTags: false
    .pipe($.replace, '<!-- <style> -->', `<style>${mqCss}</style>`)
    .pipe($.replace, '<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/app.css">', '')
    // START Fix Ruby's ERB tags
    .pipe($.replace, /\[%/g, '<%')
    .pipe($.replace, /%\]/g, '%>')
    // END
    .pipe($.htmlmin, {
      collapseWhitespace: false,
      minifyCSS: false

  return pipe();