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My vim setup πŸš€
Vim script
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This is my vim setup. Feel free to fork it and make it your own! πŸš€ screen shot

πŸ›  Installation

Install Vim for your operating system. Check out the dependencies for YouCompleteMe if you want to use it. If not, just comment it out at vimrcs/vimplug.vim

Vim-plug is used for the plugin manager. Install it! 🌺

Remove or backup existing .vimrc in your home directory

rm ~/.vimrc

Clone this repository to your home directory

git clone ~/vimrc

Create symlink for .vimrc

ln -s $HOME/vimrc/vimrc ~/.vimrc

Run plugin setup

vim +PlugInstall

Enjoy πŸŽ‰

πŸ•Ή Plugin and key mapping

Here are some of the plugins installed with this setup and the basic of how to use them.

<Leader> is mapped to ,


This plugin provides a file system explorer for the Vim. Use <ctrl> + T to toggle the file explorer. ? to open NERDTree quick help.


This plugin causes all trailing white spaces to be highlighted in red. You can also call :FixWhitespace to remove all the stupid white spaces! 😎


This plugin provides awesome ways to move around in Vim. For example, if you want to move the word awesome, all you need to do is press <Leader> s follow by a


This is the vim plugin for the awesome code formatter Prettier Use <Leader> p to format the file.

Async mode for vim-prettier is selected as default. If your vim version is not 8+, you can disable this feature at vimrcs/plugins-config.vim change prettier#exec_cmd_async at line 79 to 0


This plugin makes commenting out stuff much easier. Use gcc to comment out a line. gc can be followed by a motion, such as gcap to comment out the whole paragraph. And with vim-repeat installed, . can be used to repeat the command as well.


This plugin is all about "surroundings": parentheses, brackets, quotes, XML tags, and more. It's easiest to explain with examples. Follow the link here


This is a vim plugin for the fuzzy finder fzf which is πŸ”₯blazinglyπŸ”₯ fast. Here are some of mapping for this plugin:

  • <ctrl> + p finding files in the project
  • <Leader> + b finding opened buffers


This plugin provides a better startup screen for Vim (See screenshot above). You can change the text for the startup screen at vimrcs/plugins-config.vim

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