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* In DescriptionFactory() allow EBNF description to be passed in and an instantiated description object to be returned
* Methods required by Game class: add_rule(), add_move()
* pretty() [return formatted string] & validate() [ensure syntactic correctness] in DGDLDescript class
* Need to parameterise conditions & effects and build a library of them, e.g. inspect, update, &c. to work with the get_labels() functionality.
* Each game has a list of labels that are valid descriptors used in the specification of the game.
* Add functionality to retrieve the list of labels from the description
* What is the relation between labels and tokens?
* Scoping of labels and tokens between games in a system?
* well-formedness of game descriptions
* remove commas?
* how to represent tokens, locutions, and arguments?
* UNIT TESTS - start with basic classes and work way up until we have much better coverage
* TEST EBNF AGAINST ANTLR NB. Ensure it is a valid ANTLR Grammar
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