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Plow is an HTTP(S) benchmarking tool, written in Golang. It uses excellent fasthttp instead of Go's default net/http due to its lightning fast performance.

Plow runs at a specified connections(option -c) concurrently and real-time records a summary statistics, histogram of execution time and calculates percentiles to display on Web UI and terminal. It can run for a set duration( option -d), for a fixed number of requests(option -n), or until Ctrl-C interrupted.

The implementation of real-time computing Histograms and Quantiles using stream-based algorithms inspired by prometheus with low memory and CPU bounds. so it's almost no additional performance overhead for benchmarking.

❯ ./plow -c 20
Benchmarking using 20 connection(s).
@ Real-time charts is listening on http://[::]:18888

  Elapsed        8.6s
  Count        969657
    2xx        776392
    4xx        193265
  RPS      112741.713
  Reads    10.192MB/s
  Writes    6.774MB/s

Statistics    Min       Mean     StdDev      Max
  Latency     32µs      176µs     37µs     1.839ms
  RPS       108558.4  112818.12  2456.63  115949.98

Latency Percentile:
  P50     P75    P90    P95    P99   P99.9  P99.99
  173µs  198µs  222µs  238µs  274µs  352µs  498µs

Latency Histogram:
  141µs  273028  ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■
  177µs  458955  ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■
  209µs  204717  ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■
  235µs   26146  ■■
  269µs    6029  ■
  320µs     721
  403µs      58
  524µs       3


Binary and image distributions are available through the releases assets page.

Via Go

go install

Via Homebrew

# brew update
brew install plow

Via Docker

docker run --rm --net=host
# docker run --rm -p 18888:18888



usage: plow [<flags>] <url>

A high-performance HTTP benchmarking tool with real-time web UI and terminal displaying


  plow -c 20 -n 100000
  plow -c 20 -d 5m --body @file.json -T 'application/json' -m POST

      --help                   Show context-sensitive help.
  -c, --concurrency=1          Number of connections to run concurrently
      --rate=infinity          Number of requests per time unit, examples: --rate 50 --rate 10/ms
  -n, --requests=-1            Number of requests to run
  -d, --duration=DURATION      Duration of test, examples: -d 10s -d 3m
  -i, --interval=200ms         Print snapshot result every interval, use 0 to print once at the end
      --seconds                Use seconds as time unit to print
      --json                   Print snapshot result as JSON
  -b, --body=BODY              HTTP request body, if start the body with @, the rest should be a filename to read
      --stream                 Specify whether to stream file specified by '--body @file' using chunked encoding or to read into memory
  -m, --method="GET"           HTTP method
  -H, --header=K:V ...         Custom HTTP headers
      --host=HOST              Host header
  -T, --content=CONTENT        Content-Type header
      --cert=CERT              Path to the client's TLS Certificate
      --key=KEY                Path to the client's TLS Certificate Private Key
  -k, --insecure               Controls whether a client verifies the server's certificate chain and host name
      --listen=":18888"        Listen addr to serve Web UI
      --timeout=DURATION       Timeout for each http request
      --dial-timeout=DURATION  Timeout for dial addr
      --req-timeout=DURATION   Timeout for full request writing
      --resp-timeout=DURATION  Timeout for full response reading
      --socks5=ip:port         Socks5 proxy
      --auto-open-browser      Specify whether auto open browser to show Web charts
      --[no-]clean             Clean the histogram bar once its finished. Default is true
      --summary                Only print the summary without realtime reports
      --version                Show application version.

  Flags default values also read from env PLOW_SOME_FLAG, such as PLOW_TIMEOUT=5s equals to --timeout=5s

  <url>  request url


Basic usage:

plow -c 20 -n 10000 -d 10s

POST a json file:

plow -c 20 --body @file.json -T 'application/json' -m POST

Bash/ZSH Shell Completion

# Add the statement to their bash_profile (or equivalent):
eval "$(plow --completion-script-bash)"
# Or for ZSH
eval "$(plow --completion-script-zsh)"


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