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Clom API


The main interface to clom is the clom object:

>>> from clom import clom

Each attribute of the clom object is a clom.command.Command.

.. automodule:: clom
    :members: AND, OR

    .. attribute:: clom

        Manager for generating commands.

    .. attribute:: NOTSET

        Represents an argument that is not set as opposed to ``None`` which is a valid value

    .. attribute:: STDIN

        Standard In file descriptor

    .. attribute:: STDOUT

        Standard Out file descriptor

    .. attribute:: STDERR

        Standard Error file descriptor


.. autoclass:: clom.command.Command

.. autoclass:: clom.command.Operation


.. autoclass::

.. autoclass::

.. autoclass::


.. autoclass:: clom.arg.RawArg
.. autoclass:: clom.arg.LiteralArg