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dsteinbrunner commented Jun 14, 2012

I ran into issues with count when working with result sets. I create a test which can be put at the bottom of 09-resultset.t:

count after creation

my $result = Wine->result();
is $result->count, 3;

This fails till I simplify the count method to the following:

sub count {
my $self = shift;
my $results = $self->_load_results;
return scalar @$results;

Yann through personal conversation confirms that the count method on $self->class will not work in a normal install. This is due to it expecting a Six Apart specific subclass and that the resultset count should be refactored so that $self->class->can('count') is a condition that is factored in. has a section...

sub update         { shift->_proxy( 'update',         @_ ) }
sub insert         { shift->_proxy( 'insert',         @_ ) }
sub replace        { shift->_proxy( 'replace',        @_ ) }
sub fetch_data     { shift->_proxy( 'fetch_data',     @_ ) }
sub uncache_object { shift->_proxy( 'uncache_object', @_ ) }

It's just missing

sub count          { shift->_proxy( 'count',          @_ ) }

Also the others (count_group_by, sum_group_by, avg_group_by, max_group_by, remove_all) would be also very helpful.

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