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Nagios » Plugins for monitoring servers

This repo has our custom-built Nagios plugins:

  • check_passenger_memory_stats_apache_processes_apache2_count
  • check_passenger_memory_stats_apache_processes_apache2_vmsize_max
  • check_passenger_memory_stats_apache_processes_apache2_vmsize_sum
  • check_passenger_memory_stats_apache_processes_total_private_dirty
  • check_passenger_memory_stats_passenger_processes_rails_count
  • check_passenger_memory_stats_passenger_processes_rails_vmsize_max
  • check_passenger_memory_stats_passenger_processes_rails_vmsize_sum
  • check_passenger_memory_stats_passenger_processes_total_private_dirty
  • check_whoami

Each plugin has three pieces:

  • a plugin script (in the plugins directory)
  • a command cfg (in the plugins-conf directory)
  • a service cfg (in the plugins-conf directory)

For more info on Passenger and Nagios: