Code samples for the book "Docker on Windows", published by Packt.
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Docker on Windows

This is all the source code for the samples in my book Docker on Windows, published by Packt.

Every Dockerfile is also available on Docker Hub at the dockeronwindows organization.

It's a comprehensive look at running Docker on Windows, covering everything from 101 to production over 12 chapters.

Weekly Dockerfile

I've also got a blog series describing all the Dockerfiles in detail: Weekly Windows Dockerfiles

The Missing Preface

Somewhere between the author's laptop, the publisher's content system and the printing press, the preface I wrote didn't make it into the final book. You can read it here.


  1. Getting Started with Docker on Windows

  2. Packaging and Running Applications as Docker Containers

  3. Developing Dockerized .NET and .NET Core Applications

  4. Pushing and Pulling Images from Docker Registries

  5. Adopting Container-First Solution Design

  6. Organizing Distributed Solutions with Docker Compose

  7. Orchestrating Distributed Solutions with Docker Swarm

  8. Administering and Monitoring Dockerized Solutions

  9. Understanding the Security Risks and Benefits of Docker

  10. Powering a Continuous Deployment Pipeline with Docker

  11. Debugging and Instrumenting Application Containers

  12. Containerize What You Know: Guidance for Implementing Docker

Cover Art

Docker on Windows by Elton Stoneman, cover page