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This is repository of sixfab wireless sensor network development board.
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This is the repository of sixfab wireless sensor network development board.

Product Description

WSN Dev. Kit is a board that combining Arduino and Sub1 GHz communication module with the rechargeable battery functionality. It has Atmega 328 microcontroller and cc1101 868 Mhz radio module.There are also built-in humidity and temperature sensors. You can also connect Arduino compatible sensors by using the open pins and vary your project.

Detailed Features

  • 868 MHz Wireless Communication (Up to 100 meters outdoor)
  • Easy programming with Arduino nano-based microcontroller
  • Rechargeable 1200 mAh Li-on Battery
  • Built-in temperature sensor (HDC1080) (-40 +125 C)
  • Built-in humidity sensor (HDC1080) (0% 100%)
  • Easy charge with nano USB socket
  • Communication and programming via nano USB socket
  • 3 user LED’s
  • Easy connection to external sensors (SPI, I2C, Analog Pins and General IO Pins)
  • Usage without battery via USB socket
  • SMD chip antenna
  • Uart switching (USB<>Open pins)


  • ! Use only 3.7V CR123A Rechargeable battery with WSN Dev. Kit
  • ! All data pins work with 3.3V reference. Any other voltage level should harm your device.
  • ! “PIN<>USB” switch should be “USB” side for programming
  • ! Battery begins to charge when you plug the USB. If the battery is full, please unplug the USB for longer battery life.


  1. Basic n2n (node to node) communication example

    • Requires min 2 Sixfab WSN Dev Board
    • Add firstly the libraries to your arduino library path.
    • Upload Rx.ino file to one of the WSN Dev Boards in order to make this one reciever node.
    • Upload Tx.ino file to another WSN Dev Board in order to make this one the transmitter node.
    • That's OK.
  2. Basic wireless sensor network example

    • Requires min 3 Sixfab WSN Dev Board
    • This one will add soon.


  • node to node wireless communication
  • smart farming sensor networks
  • smart cities sensor networks
  • smart home sensor networks
  • Internet of Things (IoT) sensor networks
  • Smart door lock
  • Smart lightning
  • Custom Remote Controller
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